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The RECOVERY 2019 exercise is an International Exercise carried out by voluntary civil protection organizations from all over Europe (and not only ...) that are part of EVOLSAR (European Association of Civil Protection Volunteer Teams and not only ...). The EVOLSAR is composed of 16 Teams from 10 different countries. To these are added the aspirant and host nations and teams.

The exercise aims to:

- Test and Verify the readiness of the local civil protection equipment in the event of a calamitous event (Earthquakes and Floods);

- Test and Verify the readiness of the groups specialized in Research and Rescue on rubble, Technical Rescue on Rope and Local / National Civil Protection Dog Research;

- Test and Verify the readiness of the groups specialized in Research and Rescue on rubble, Technical Rescue on Rope and International Civil Protection Dog Research;

- Test and Verify the readiness of specialized Civil Protection groups and other groups that can interact for Logistics and Health;

- It will also be able to spread in the area of the Municipality of Taverna and the District, a better understanding of the Earthquake risk in order to activate in the population, in the event of a real event, the most suitable behaviors to correctly address the emergency, as it is believed that in this way, the damages can be limited to the minimum possible.

- - The exercise is also placed in a framework of education and training of the Civil Protection teams, allowing new volunteers to carry out spot checks on the field. It will also be possible to verify the interaction between Civil Protection teams from different countries with the possibility of exchanging ideas, experiences and useful information.

- - With regard to communications, the flexibility and competence achieved by the team and the ability of the same to connect the various teams of volunteers and the operating center via radio will be verified with relative exchange of useful information on the progress of the simulated emergency

- carry out training courses for the various categories of members contemplated by this statute in the most appropriate manner;

- Activities carried out during the exercise:

Research and Rescue in an urban environment;

Technical rescue on rope;

Alluvial / River Relief;

Research and Recovery in the aquatic environment (with sub);



Guidelines, Tools and App for tutorial management:

INSARAG Guidelines

Website V.O.S.O.C.C.

KoBo ToolBox website


Kit Worm (experimental tool of wi-fi network "communicating in emergency")


The PHASES of the EXERCISE will be the following:

1. Propagation of the alarm zone in the Taverna and the district;

2. Activation of Local / National teams and request for activation of International teams;

3. Reaching specialized and logistic teams and setting up Base Camps;

4. Setting up of the Operations Room (O.S.O.C.C.) and Radio Room;

5. Start operations of the teams and send them to the operational sites;

6. Emergency management from the operations room;

7. Management of radio communication relating to the simulated emergency trend;

8. Closure of operations, disassembly of equipment, and return to bases.


Organizzazione di Volontariato di Protezione Civile denominata " ANGELI DELLA SILA” in conformità al dettato della Legge 266/91 e della L.R. n. 33 del 26 luglio 2012.

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